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The agency

The agency

Immerse yourself in the mythical world of Daedalus, a graphic and web design agency inspired by the legendary character of Daedalus. Like the creative genius of Greek mythology, we are inventors, sculptors and architects, combining wit and technical ingenuity to bring your projects to life.

Drawing on our experience and creativity, we at Daedalus combine these multiple talents to offer you innovative solutions. Since our creation in 2006 by Laurent Lemoigne, Artistic Director and Graphic & Web Designer since 2002, we've been committed to offering you a full range of services, from visual identity design to website creation and publishing.

Based in Switzerland, we develop all our products with passion and rigor, guaranteeing impeccable quality. Our dedicated team will guide you through the choices you need to make to achieve your goals, offering you personalized service and attentive monitoring at every stage of your project.

Let our expertise, inspired by the visionary spirit of Daedalus, transport you and discover how we can transform your ideas into remarkable achievements.

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The team

Bringing together a team of highly qualified professionals, Daedalus guarantees a remarkable level of specialization for the realization of your projects.

After several configurations over the years, Daedalus is now run by Laurent Lemoigne alone. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Laurent has worked for several well-known agencies, both in-house and externally. Since 2012, he has been in charge of most projects, from graphic design to production and web development.

Daedalus also works with long-standing external partners, who are commissioned internally to meet specific needs or complex custom developments.

Most of our experts come from the fields of visual arts, marketing, communications and IT. At Daedalus, our commitment to our customers' projects can be summed up in four words: availability, responsiveness, listening and quality.

The Network

Thanks to a solid network of professionals, Daedalus offers its customers complete turnkey solutions.

Our partnerships with Swiss companies in various fields such as mobile application development, computer graphics, hosting, printing, audiovisual, mastering and events enable us to guarantee our customers competitive rates, all through a unique offering.